Monday, May 17, 2010

Constructive Criticism on Yo,Bo!

We would like to thank all the wonderful people from indie komplex who have taken the time to review the Yo,Bo! preview. You have given us a lot of insight and shed some of our innocence. ^_^ Still all is taken with a grain of salt and a healthy amount of laughter.

Here they are so far, siDJ , mynameisleroy,Josel Nicolas,Paolo Chikiamco,diobrando,noelz,the naughty wampa,Neon,Chorvaqueen and Tundra.

Really, your reviews were invaluable to newbs like us. Thank you so much. Keep 'em coming!

*Indie Komplex is a forum site for both indie komiks creators and fans.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

YO,BO! The Beginning - preview

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Fun-Filled Free Comic Book Day @ Comic Odyssey

If you are a Pinoy Online Chronicle reader, then you might have read about the launch of our preview here. It was a cool event. The fun thing was that of all the guys who were lined up waiting for a prize (they had a raffle every 15 minutes) a girl behind me got the first price. I'll post her picture here later. ^_^ And she was pretty too. I was too shy to ask her for her name. Maybe that or I was distracted by the comic that she won. ^_^

There was also a kid in front of me, he got CALLWORK. I actually read the first book and I felt bad for him. Not that CALLWORK is not cool or anything, I would've wanted one, but he was a kid and they were giving away WOLVERINE's Blood Debt. It would have made his day if he won that instead. ^_^ Oh well, can't complain, it's a free comic. What is even cooler was that the boy was with his dad (obviously the one who really liked comics to begin with), his mom and his little sister. She was very cute.

I eavesdropped on friends and classmates who were debating the finer points of DC and Marvel. Then I saw girls with their dads and guys with their girlfriends hanging out and sharing their mutual love for comics. It is an art, don't you know?

I was a little starstruck when the artists came. I didn't have money on me to buy the new releases so I was a little disheartened about it. Still we got my preview out (it ran out after 20 minutes, we need more next time) and that was exciting.

I hope people get to line up for our artist and his work soon as well. Oh well, there's always next year.

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