Saturday, August 21, 2010

MetroCon Day 1: Yo,Bo! The REAL Beginning

Yo,Bo! The REAL Beginning
NRSimon (writer)

We started this comics early this year. It was born out of sheer boredom. We wanted to do something that would take us out of our work rut. We liked our jobs at this Korean online academy in Ortigas because it paid well enough and we only had to tutor Koreans in English via the internet. But things were not working out with the management and we smelled impending doom. So we needed something that would make us want to go back to work everyday. Big M and I were from the AM shift so when we moved to the PM shift, we didn't exactly do it because we wanted to...but that's something for my personal blog.

Let's go back to the story. We were teachers, online English teachers. It seems harmless enough but the challenge was that our classes were screen classes. This makes for a million and one funny moments. Big Mark (the M in NMN Creative) is the mastermind behind the comics. He subtly manipulated fate to bring Norby, our resident artist (the first N in NMN Creative) and Ni
ña, the weird writer (the second N in NMNcreative) together to collaborate in making a motion comic. Unfortunately none of us knew how to use Flash which was the easiest one to learn to be able to make a motion comic. Big tried but he needs us to help with colors. Nevertheless, it turns out I was the only one who could use Photoshop although Big is a quick learner. We decided that we would try a paper version for now. It ended up that with all the things happening plus procrastination on all our parts especially mine, the paper version would be the bane of our existence for months to come. The motion comics is something we would need to work on in the distant future...

Nevertheless, we managed to get the gist of the first book figured out. The second book and the third book are already playing around on our heads. With Big moving to Canada soon, we would definitely need to chat with him more often to get his ideas.

Another obstacle was to get our day jobs from interrupting our comics cover mission. ^_^ We managed to get issues out instead of the entire 50 page book we wanted since the story seemed to work better that way. We have issue #1 Yo,Bo! 1: The Beginning and Issue 2 Yo,Bo! 2: Frenimies. We plan to get Issue #3 and #4 by the Komikon in November. I took an AM shift so I can work on Yo, Bo! (among other things) in the afternoons. ^_^

We had released a preview of Yo,Bo! during the free comic book day in COMIC ODYSSEY (Robinson's Galleria) last May. We managed to give out 20 copies (I think) but the Issue#1 that we released during the MetroCon showed a better version of the preview. I am glad that I was a part of this collaboration. I suck at balloons and comics-related lettering before but I learned a lot while doing this whole thing. I realized that when you are passionate about something, you just need a bit of push to get you to put your dreams into action. Issue#1 and #2 are the only real things I helped make that was sold for any amount of money. Sure we earned close to nothing on our first try. (Hobby ito, grabe.) But we ran out of Issue#1 and we didn't expect that to happen! People found out what Bo does for a living for one thing. And that opened a few people's minds. They didn't know that Online English Teachers existed. (One of the things that irked us was that we were called Call Center agents whenever our parents told other people about our jobs. T_T No offense to them but what we do is so different from what they do that it's just plain odd to put us in the same category.)

For my first comics convention, MetroCon 2010 was definitely memorable. I was able to see that the things that indie comics artists have to go through just to get their work out there is tremendous. I also learned that I managed to learn a lot from selling tickets for plays when I was in UPLB. Patience, fast talk and the ability to pay attention to everyone around you at the same time is a skill not everyone can master.

Norby can handle the art part. Big can come up with the cash (joke) and the concepts. I can write, photoshop and advertise. ^_^ I guess we can thank our maker that we have shortcomings that can be filled by the talents of one another.

We would like to thank the organizers of MCC 2010 and the FANS who bought the comics and will buy them. To the contest winners, NGUD JAHB! Please wait for the photos sa FB so you can tag yourselves. ^_^

"The FILIPINO KOMIKS is worth dying for." Funny how that got a lot of people's attention today. Probably because it was Ninoy's death anniversary. ^_^ Mr. President, your dad is awesome. ^_^

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

See you at the Metrocon

This is it! This is really is it!

For 25php, you can be one of the first to own issue #1 and #2 of the debut comics of NMN Creative. ^_^

Issue#1: The Beginning

Here we meet Bo and find out why he ended up working as an Online English teacher.
Follow him through his misadventures towards finding his possible "salvation".

Issue#2: Frenimies

"With friends like them, who needs enemies." Bo is about to meet his potential friends and enemies on this issue, you have to decide if they are going to be his friends or his possible nemesis.


Issue #3 : Faceoff

Secret muna, patakam muna kayo! ^_^

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Poster & Sketch Cards

Here's a new poster for the upcoming MCC

We also will be selling sketch cards sketched by Norby Ela. To view them, Please click on these links:

BATCH 3 Part 2

We will be selling them P30 each sketch card. More will be coming soon. As well as other Yo, Bo! products that there more to come and will be posted here in the near future.

You can also check...