Who is Bo?

Hi, my name is Bo.

I'm 21 years old and I graduated from college 6 months ago. So far, I've been bumming around at home: wake up; eat; watch TV; eat; play computer games; read comic books; eat; watch TV; sleep. I do this almost everyday. I have a lot to look forward to as long as I keep this up. I've memorized every commercial tunes on TV; I now understand why telenovelas are so awesome; I've discovered butter and sugar on white bread is magnificent. I've got so much looking up ahead if I keep this up.

Anyway, if there is something you should know about me it's that I love comic books. I like to hang out at the Comic Odyssey at Robinson's Galeria. If you ever see me there, don't be a stranger and say hi!

But there seems to be a problem and it may endanger all of my daily activities of comic book reading and being a bum. I have to find a job!

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